Best Network Marketing Companies – 2016

Best Network Marketing Companies – 2016

Are you looking to make a killing with one of these Network Marketing Companies for this new year of 2016?

Well, let us let you in on a little known secret about all these MLMs (network marketing companies).

So, in regards to our worldwide network marketing system that makes so many people money (so they say), there are hundreds and hundreds of them all over the internet. As we know, there are long-standing network marketing companies that have lasted decades without being shut down by the FTC or closed by demand.

So, the secret we want to let you in on is the fact that over 97% of all members of these network marketing companies make no money whatsoever!

Yep, no money at all, so this is not what you want to do if you are looking to make extra money and/or start your very own business.

We do get asked quite a bit on our opinions on network marketing companies and our answer is this: we have been in them, we did make money, we were in the 2% that did make great money, not sustaining, only lasted about a year, FTC came in and shut it down, and we didn’t feel good about recruiting others to make money…

As we know, for the years to come, sad to say that hundreds of thousands of people will undoubtedly get caught up in these network marketing companies. They will pay to get in and they will be told to constantly recruit others.

Our opinion is do not get in any of these network marketing companies!

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Top MLMs for 2016 – Really?

Top MLMs for 2016 – Really?

So, are you interested in ‘trying’ to make money online with some of the Top MLMs for 2016? Well, my suggestion would be not to get into any MLM ever.

Yep, that’s my opinion and years of experience with MLMs. We had joined many network marketing companies back in the day. Most recent one was Empower Network. We joined as a couple of dudes trying to make some extra cash. We really liked watching David Wood and David Sharpe, they seemed genuine and as if they truly wanted to help people make money.

But just as most of them work, recruiting others is always part of these companies. Recruit, recruit, recruit…

That’s how the 1 to 2% of the successful online marketers make their money. The 98% (you) are left with going against professional online marketers who grab most all of those looking online to get into their particular MLM.

So, the Top MLMs for 2016, in our opinion is zero!

Seriously, this is our opinion and we are pretty much on when knowing how to make money since this is what we do daily.

There are really so many ways to make money online without getting into these network marketing companies. Which ultimately, less than 98% actually make money. So, realistically, doesn’t matter if an MLM is in the Top rankings for 2016, you won’t make any money anyway!

Why get into something that sounds too good to be true?

Probably because it is too good to be true!

That’s why…

So, maybe you need to keep looking online. Maybe you can look at our other post on this blog at and learn the ‘real’ way to make money online without getting into that next MLM that everyone is talking about!

There you have it, no MLMs for us here…

Go make some real money!

Have a Laptop – Wanna Learn How to Make Money Online Fast

Have a Laptop – Wanna Learn How to Make Money Online Fast


We’re gonna let you know there are hundreds, if not thousands of different ways to make real, legitimate money online. So, here’s a few ways on how to make money online fast.

What you need to realize is that all of the real, legitimate ways to make money online fast are not those get rich quick programs (that are not true at all).

When making money online fast, one has to treat it like your own business. It is your own business which is going to take a consistent amount of work and time on your part. Just as any successful business would. Owning your own business, whether online or offline, takes a tremendous amount of dedication. To be able to get a return on all your hard work, you need to put in the hard work!

This is ALL possible due to the fact that we are doing and have been for a few years now!

You can do this too, just as we are doing it.

We want to give some props to another blogger friend of ours that is making the dough with a real online business, so if you wanna find out about it go to her site at:

How To Make Money Online Fast

Like we stated above, there are so many ways to make money online fast. If you just want to make a few extra dollars, you can always become an affiliate of a company and sell there stuff for small commissions.

But again, if you wanna make some real money check out the site above…